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IDE and Editor plugins

A number of contributors made available to the Scala community plugins and support files for many development tools and editors; this page offers information on the available support files. Please note that we do not manage the IDE plugins efforts; to receive support, please refer to the corresponding project page.


IDE Plugins

  • Scala IDE for Eclipse
    Featuring seamless integration with the Eclipse Java tools, providing many of the features Eclipse users have come to expect, including: editor with syntax highlighting, inferred type and doc hovers, hyperlinking, code completion, error markers, brace matching, indentation; package explorer outline, outline view, quick outline, open type, open type hierarchy; build/run/debug, hyperlinking from stacktraces to Scala source, interactive console; mixed Scala/Java projects, Scala/Java project dependencies.
  • Scala Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
    A plugin for the Scala programming language within the Jetbrains IntelliJIDEA development environment. This plugin provides: syntax highlightig, code completion, "Go to class" functionality, code formatting, code folding, XML support, multiple Scala SDK support, Java / Scala cross-language resolve, debugging, variable refactoring, structure view, "Surround with" functionality and auto-import functionality. The plugin is available for IntelliJ IDEA 8. Nightly builds are available for testing, but you probably want the stable versions for normal use.
    • Team: Ilya Sergey, Eugene Vigdorchik, Alexander Podkhalyuzin
  • Scala Plugin for NetBeans
    Full featured Scala editor providing syntax and semantic coloring, source file navigator, code folding, mark occurrences, go to declaration, instant rename, indentation, formating, pair matching, error annotations, code completion, and in addition: project management (build/run/debug project), debugger, interactive console, JUnit integration, Maven integration.

Tool Support

  • Many other plugins are available, in order to integrate Scala in your preferred development environment. Syntax highlighting plugins and utilities are available for the likes of Emacs, jEdit, Notepad-Plus, TextMate, SubEthaEdit, TextWrangler, and so on. These plugins were made available by a number of independent contributors to the Scala project.

    The package "tool-support" was available using the "sbaz" package manager until version 2.9.1 of the Scala distribution. Subsequently, we moved our repository to GitHub and changed our distribution packaging infrastructure. At this time, "tool-support" it is not by default part of the 2.9.2 distribution, but it will be made available again in the next releases. In the meantime, you can find the source repository at this address:


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