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Programming Guides

These guides offer information on using specific Scala features, or generating code for specific environments:

  • Scala Actors
    The Scala Actors library provides a flexible and powerful framework for writing multi-threaded software with ease. Actors are concurrent processes, which can be seen as active objects that communicate by exchanging messages, either synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Scala on Android
    Android is an open software platform for mobile devices. This guide will show you how to develop Android applications in Scala.
  • Scala on Microsoft .Net
    Scala is able to generate other executable formats, apart from Java bytecode, and can run in diverse environments. This guide will show you how Scala can generate .Net applications, and the differences with respect to the regular Java configuration. (Note: the guide refers to Scala 1.4, so some details might be somewhat different with newer versions).
  • Scala on Google App Engine
    The three Google engineers Toby Reyelts, Alex Rudnick, and Lex Spoon show you how to implement Scala projects on the App Engine by taking you through two sample applications.


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