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The Scala IRC Channel

If you are an Internet Relay Chat user, you can enjoy a multi-user, Scala-related chat on the Scala IRC channel:


In order to access the chat, you will require an IRC client, or a web-based gateway. You can find more detailed information on the Freenode IRC network on this page.

A very large number of IRC clients exist, most of which are available for free; you can find a list here. Some examples of popular IRC clients are mIRC (Windows) and XChat (Unix/Windows). Firefox users can use ChatZilla, an IRC client for Mozilla based browsers. OS X users can use Colloquy.


It is also possible to connect to the #scala channel by using a web interface. One of the best ones is Mibbit, but unfortunately Freenode banned Mibbit in June 2009. Until that is resolved, the only alternative is using Freenode's own web client, which is unfortunately not as refined.

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