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In the Press

Many projects on Scala are being developed by other groups, and many external resources exist which are of great interest to Scala enthusiasts. As the buzz about the Scala is constantly growing, it is a bit difficult to keep track of everything that happens. These pages collect some of the articles and interviews about Scala that appeared in the press, either printed or online. Please help us keeping these lists up-to-date by letting us know about additional material that you come across.

  • Articles
    Many people are interested in Scala, and are writing articles about the language. Find out what they have to say about Scala in this section.
  • Audio/Video Interviews and Panel Talks
    Enjoy audio and video files with interesting discussions on Scala. There is even a video interview with Martin!
  • Scala News Archive
    We also publish on our own website a steady stream of news stories related to events, software releases, projects, and other Scala topics. You can inspect our News Archive to find out what was previously featured on our front page. 
  • News & Blogs
    If you are looking for additional news about Scala, finally, you may also be interested in visiting some of the many blogs and RSS news aggregators that collect the continuous stream of information about Scala. Please visit this page to know more.


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