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This section contains the standard Scala distribution, both stable versions as well as nightly builds, plus instructions on obtaining the Eclipse plugin, links to user-contributed Libraries and Tools, and information on the Sbaz packaging tool.

  • The Scala Distribution
    Read this page to obtain the current Scala release, plus previous stable releases, nightly builds, and to gain access to our live Subversion repository
  • IDE Plugins
    If you use Eclipse, NetBeans, or IntelliJ, you will be interested in the corresponding Scala plugins that add to those environments the functionality necessary to edit and run Scala code. These plugins are developed by external contributors.
  • The Scala Bazaar System
    This tool enables a Scala developer to have a constantly up-to-date software distribution with few simple commands, and to install and uninstall optional software packages as needed.
  • User-contributed Libraries and Tools
    Many projects and useful libraries for Scala have been developed by external contributors; this page lists some significant efforts.
  • The Scala License
    The Scala software distribution is released under the terms of the Scala Licence; follow the link to find out more.


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