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Developer's Guides

If you are a hard-core Scala hacker and need more technical information on using and developing the Scala language and tools, these Developer's Guides will give you excellent technical insights.

The list also includes the Contributors Agreement, which we require from anyone who would like to contribute code directly to our main code distribution.

  • Build Scala from the Source Code
    If you have just downloaded the Scala source from our live Git repository, and need information on how the Scala compiler and tools are built, this simple giude will tell you how.
  • Writing Scala Compiler Plugins
    This interesting tutorial, written by Lex Spoon, describes the mechanism by which the Scala compiler can be extended by plugging in additional modules that implement user-defined features and extensions to Scala. Contains a working sample plugin and instructions.
  • Scala Improvement Documents
    The Scala Improvement Documents (SIDs) are technical documents that describe the implementation and usage of specific Scala features or components. A SID is usually written when a new feature is added to Scala, either after or during the development process, and acts as a manual and guide to the new development. You can read more information about SIDs, or browse the SID Library online.
  • Compiler Internals
    A collection of video recordings of code walk-through sessions by Martin Odersky about the Scala compiler internals. The video quality is suboptimal, but the movies are a good reference to some of the most obscure details of the compiler architecture.


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