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Several useful documents concerning the Scala language, and how to write software using Scala, are available on these pages. Whether you are interested in an introductory document in order to learn Scala, in a step-by-step guide to its features, or in reference material on the language specification, you will find on this page a collection of useful resources.

  • Learning Scala
    Not sure where to start from? This page will guide you to selecting the resources that are most appropriate to your existing expertise and skills.
  • A Tour of Scala
    This online guide is an excellent introduction, step by step, to many of the features that make Scala innovative and appealing to all programmers, experienced as well as newcomers.
  • Manuals
    By following this link you will find several reference manuals, already formatted and ready to be printed out. In particular, you will find here the Scala Language Specification.
  • Scala Books
    A list of the many available books on Scala, from the original "Programming in Scala", by Odersky, Spoon, and Venners, to books focusing on Scala programming methodologies or Scala-based frameworks and tools.
  • Scala API
    The Application Programming Interface (API) of the Scala language lists all the standard objects, classes, and methods enclosed in the standard Scala distribution, and available to all Scala programmers.
  • Setup & Getting Started
    Information on setting up the Scala environment, and moving the first steps with the Scala language: write your first "Hello World", find out how to move from Java to Scala, and how to set up your system.
  • Programming Guides
    These guides offer information on using specific Scala features, or generating code for specific environments.
  • Other Guides
    A section containing information about using third-party tools together with Scala, and their integration.
  • FAQ
    We have, of course, a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers, which will offer you useful support and information concerning common questions on Scala, Scala development, the Scala community, and our website. Follow the link to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are more specifically interested in the development of the Scala compiler and tools, just continue to our Scala Developers pages.

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