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The Scala Development Team

The Scala language was designed by Martin Odersky at EPFL.

Several people of the Programming Methods Laboratory (LAMP) are involved in its development, among them Iulian DragosAdriaan Moors, Gilles Dubochet, Philipp Haller, Lukas Rytz, Ingo MaierAntonio Cunei, Donna Malayeri, Miguel GarciaHubert Plociniczak, Tiark Rompf, and Martin Odersky himself.


Several visiting people and outside contributors are active in the Scala project, among them Paul PhillipsMiles Sabin, Stepan Koltsov.

External contributers are requested to sign the "Software Grant and Individual Contributor License Agreement" and send it to us in order to obtain access to our Subversion repository.

Past members who participated in the Scala project are: Geoffrey Washburn, Stéphane Micheloud, Lex Spoon, Sean Mc Dirmid, Burak Emir, Nikolay Mihaylov, Philippe Altherr, Vincent Cremet, Michel Schinz, Erik Stenman and Matthias Zenger.

Do you want to work in an academic environment on a cutting edge programming language with real industrial impact? We are looking for post-docs and ph.d. students to join the Scala group.


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