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Scala Developers

If you are planning to contribute to the development of the Scala language, or you would like to add your own customizations to the Scala compiler and tools, or if you are just interested in checking out what is happening behind the scenes, the Scala website can offer you useful technical information concerning the development process of the Scala language, as well as information concerning using Scala as a development tool. 

  • Developer's Guides
    Short technical guides, tutorial, and information pages concerning Scala development. In the "Compiler Internals" subsection you can find movies about useful compiler code walk-through sessions. Also included is a description of the Scala Improvement Documents, a series of documents about internal aspects of the Scala language, as well as new or proposed features.
  • Bug Reporting
    Did you encounter an unexpected bug while using the Scala tools, or do you have a patch ready for submission? This section will tell you how to file a ticket to our bug reporting system, and follow its handling. Also in this section is a link to our Jenkins continuous integration server, by which you can verify how new versions and nightly builds are generated as the code changes.
  • Codebase progress
    The Scala language evolves continuously; we are open to suggestions on improvements and new features. You can follow here the progress of the Scala system, follow the changes across the new versions of the compiler, and see which issues have been fixed in every new release.
  • Maintainers
    Many contributors help us with the development of individual components of Scala. This page lists all the modules, their maintainers, and lists the components that are in need of a new maintainer. Do you feel like helping us out? Just look in here!
  • PDF Contributor Agreement
    In order to accept non-trivial code contributions, we ask new maintainers to sign and send us a Contributor Agreement form, in order to establish that the contributions are not encumbered by copyrights or patents, and that the author agrees to having the new code freely distributed as part of the Scala distribution. We want to keep Scala free!
  • Documentation
    As a developer, you will need access to all the available documentation on Scala. This page lists all of the manuals, guides, and documentation resources available on this website.
  • Scala Community
    Finally, don't forget to check out the many resources made available by all the other members of the Scala community of developers! Mailing lists, web sites, blogs, news feeds, etc., are all at your disposal!


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