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Heads up: Equinox Aspects-based Eclipse plugin build now on trunk

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Hi folks,

The long promised Equinox Aspects-based approach to JDT integration
has just landed on trunk and with any luck should be available from
the nightly build update site from tomorrow. For the impatient,
there's also an update site here,

There won't be a huge amount of visible difference from what you can
already see in the current release. Nevertheless a number of niggling
bugs and misfeatures are dealt with by this drop. In particular,

* You no longer need project-specific Java builder settings to allow
correct compilation of a Scala project. This means that the .settings
directories which previously appeared in every Scala project can be
removed (assuming they're not needed for any other purpose). I believe
this will make life easier for people working with Maven.

* The JDT is now aware of Scala objects and traits (previously it was
only aware of Scala classes). This means that a number of spurious
errors which were reported in mixed Scala/Java projects against Java
code which referenced Scala objects will be eliminated. It also means
that Scala objects and traits will be accessible from the JDT's "Open
Type" dialog.

* Moving and renaming Scala files is now possible in the same way as
Java. Note that this isn't quite a rename refactoring yet, but with
any luck that should follow soon.

Most likely a number of other JDT driven features will also have
started working (or started working closer to correctly). Over the
next couple of days I will be going through the current open bugs
closing the ones which have been fixed as a side effect of this change
... any help on this (particularly if it's your (least) favourite bug)
would be very much appreciated.

As you might have seen in my other mail I've also started a Scala
Eclipse plugin FAQ here,

Please pay close attention to the "Installation Issues" section for
trunk. I've also updated the plugin hacking document here,

and that should be a reliable guide for the current state of play.

As ever any and all contributions would be most welcome.



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