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Parsing JSON with dispatch-lift-json

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Nolan Darilek
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Hey, folks, I'd ask this on the Databinder forums but they require a
CAPTCHA to join and I, unfortunately, am not considered human by most
CAPTCHA standards. I hope I can post here instead, particularly as it's
a fairly quick question (I hope, anyway.)

I'm trying to parse JSON with dispatch-lift-json, but this appears to be
the least documented case. There is one example, but I'm not immediately
sure what the symbols mean.

I've read the lift-json README and understand how to use a case class
for result parsing. Can anyone offer a simple example, given a case
class and a request using #>, how one would funnel the resulting JSON
into that class?

I know there are examples in the code, but those all obfuscate the basic
question into abstraction with traits and such. I'm sure those are
examples of great design, but great design will evolve eventually. Right
now I'd just like to see how to get my JSON into a case class. :)

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