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Scala 2.7.3 final

We are glad to announce the new stable release of Scala! You can obtain the new Scala 2.7.3 final from our Download Page. This version is a maintenance release, which fixes several bugs and is mainly oriented towards stability; new features are being developed, and will become available, in our future Scala 2.8 release. Please read below for further details.

You can download Scala 2.7.3 final, as usual, from our Download Page. The corresponding Scala plugin for Eclipse is also available.

What is new?

There are no new features, as this is essentially a maintenance release; however, many bug fixes and other improvements are available in this version, including:

  • fixed IntMap and LongMap.getOrElse
  • several optimisation fixes (dead-code elimination)
  • scaladoc fixes
  • deepToString fixes
  • fixed Queue.enqueue
  • ScalaSwing fixes and improvements
  • optimisation to Range.foreach, #1297
  • fixed EOF problem with RegexParsers.phrase
  • fixed a problem with files vs. URLs on Windows.
  • fixed problem with partest-created compilers not finding scala package.
  • fix for testing.Show on .NET
  • fixes for Windows platform
  • fixed bug where fsc sometimes fails to start
  • fix memory leak in handling GC of actors

  • remove race condition when linking/unlinking actors

  • thread pool in actor runtime now uses Thread.getState() instead of timestamps on JVM 1.5, yielding substantial performance improvements

  • improve actor scheduling on JVM 1.4

  • fixes to BigDecimal
  • improvements to JVM 1.4 support


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