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Scala 2.7.7 RC2

The new release candidate Scala 2.7.7.RC2 is now available for testing. This release includes fixes and refactorings for the Actors library, a few improvements to the Scala IDE for Eclipse, as well as additional bug fixes. You can obtain this release candidate, and help us testing it, by visiting our Download Page.


The Scala 2.7.7 distribution

What is new?

This release includes:

  • A fix for an issue in the Actors library that could lead to problematic growth of the underlying thread pool. The old FJTaskRunner was replaced with a backport of ThreadPoolExecutor. Intermittent termination of the thread pool is handled more gracefully.
  • A fix for issue #2380, which was causing problems to some users of the Scala IDE for Eclipse running on a 1.5 VM.
  • An AJDT compatibility fix addressing ticket #2327, related to the installation of the Scala IDE for Eclipse.
  • A fix for issue #2392, "Finally clauses don't work correctly if they throw an exception".
  • An improved fix for bugs #373737, #1896, #1930 (problem with pickler/unpickler), addressing a problem with the Lift framework.
  • A fix for issue #1535 (problem with inherited lazy val).
  • A fix for the IzPack uninstaller issue #1433, which may cause some empty subdirectories to be erroneously purged from the installation directory on *nix systems (Windows systems are not affected).
  • Support for automatic privilege elevation on Vista and Windows 7 for the installer, and other minor improvements.

For additional information on the Scala 2.7 branch, and on the Scala IDE for Eclipse, you can also read the release notes previously issued with Scala 2.7.4.

You can download Scala 2.7.7.RC2 from our Download Page. You can also test this release candidate of the Scala IDE for Eclipse by using the following update site:

Please note that you must use this address as an update site within Eclipse as described on this page, it cannot be visited with your internet browser.

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