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Setup & Getting Started

These tutorials and guides will offer you a introductory view on writing you first Scala programs, and how to set up a working environment. You will find a more extensive set of resources in our Documentation page.

Setup & Getting Started

Information on setting up the Scala environment, and moving the first steps with the Scala language:

  • Getting Started with Scala
    A guide to the first steps with the Scala language: setting up the system, creating a "Hello, world!"-style program, and running it. Once you have successfully run your first program, all the features of Scala will be at your fingertips.
  • Java to Scala
    If you already know Java, you will find Scala particularly easy to learn. This page lists many examples and useful resources, following the experiences and the insightful advice of experts who also moved from Java to Scala.
  • Windows Mini-Guide
    If you are a Windows user, and have no prior experience with the Command Prompt, you should still be able to install Scala on your computer and try out the interpreter by following this detailed mini-guide.
  • Setting PATH on Windows
    On Windows, especially when installing multiple versions of Scala or other software, the PATH environment variable might not be set to the desired value, preventing you from launching the desired version of the Scala executable from the command prompt. This short guide shows you how you can permanently alter PATH to the desired value, so that the Scala commands are always available from the command prompt.
  • The Fast Scala Compiler and the OS X Firewall
    If you encounter difficulties when using the Fast Scala Compiler (fsc) on Mac OS X, the configuration of your firewall might be the culprit. This quick guide shows you how to alter your settings so that fsc and the firewall of OS X play well together.

You can find additional information, for instance on IDE plugins (Eclipse, etc) and other tools, in our Developer's guides section.

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