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Announce: Activate Persistence Framework 0.6

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Activate 0.6 is available. Main changes:

- Properties of entities no longer have to be declared as Var, using directly the desired types.
- Properties referencing abstract entities and queries about abstract entities.
- MongoDB storage.
- JodaTime dates and scala Enumerations properties.
- Various performance improvements and refactorings.

Examples using Activate:
abstract class Person(var name: String) extends Entity
class NaturalPerson(name: String, var motherName: String) extends Person(name)
class LegalPerson(name: String, var director: NaturalPerson) extends Person(name)
transactional {
    val person = new NaturalPerson("John", "Marie") = "John2"
val q = query {
    (person: Person) => where( :== "John2") select(person)
transactional {
    val result = q.execute
    for (person <- result)
transactional {
    val personList1 = all[Person]
    val personList2 = allWhere[NaturalPerson]( :== "Test", _.motherName :== "Mother")

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