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ANNOUNCE: Akka 1.3-RC3 is out!

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Dear hAkkers,

 we, the Akka committers, are proud to announce Akka 1.3-RC3!

 What is Akka?

 Akka is the platform for the next generation event-driven, scalable and
 fault-tolerant architectures on the JVM.

 Akka implements a unique hybrid of:
 Actors, which gives you:
 Simple and high-level abstractions for concurrency and parallelism.
 Asynchronous, non-blocking and highly performant event-driven programming model.
 Very lightweight event-driven threads (create ~13 million actors on 8 G RAM).
 High-availability through supervisor hierarchies with let-it-crash
 semantics. Excellent for writing highly fault-tolerant systems that never
 stop, systems that self-heal.
 Software Transactional Memory (STM).
 Transactors: combine actors and STM into transactional actors. Allows you
 to compose atomic message flows with automatic retry and rollback.
 Remote actors: highly performant distributed actors with remote
 supervision and error management.
 Agents & Dataflow Concurrency
 Java and Scala API.

 What’s new in 1.3-RC3?

 Akka 1.3-RC3 is more a maintenance release than a revolutionary step:
 I includes a couple of important bugfixes, and also a brand new
 0MQ integration kindly contributed by Karim Osman!

 -0MQ integration -  

 Release notes can be found here:   

 And closed tickets for this release candidate can be found in the issue tracker here:  

 Documentation can be found here:   

 The source code is on github. This release is tagged v1.3-RC3:   

 The Akka Maven repository is:    

 Downloads can be found at:   



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