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expanded names

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Symbols has machinery for providing the expanded name of a setter:

final def setter(base: Symbol): Symbol = setter(base, false)
final def setter(base: Symbol, hasExpandedName: Boolean): Symbol = {
if (hasExpandedName) sname = base.expandedSetterName(sname)

However there is no similar machinery for getters:

final def getter(base: Symbol): Symbol = {

Is this because getters should not finish up with expanded names, or is
it necessary but missing? I ask because of this bug:

The broken classfile is apparently a result of disagreement as to the
name of the accessor for private object P - is it C$$P() or P()?

public abstract C$P$ C$$P(); // if P is private - broken classfile
public abstract C$P$ P(); // if P is public - works

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