Lightbend transfers ownership of sbt to the Scala Center

Friday 25 August 2023

Jamie Thompson (Scala Center)


As of June 2023, Lightbend has transferred the complete ownership to the Scala Center of the sbt organisation on GitHub, the sbt logo, the @scala_sbt social media account, and the domain. The copyright of sbt’s Apache 2 licence now belongs to the Scala Center, and contributions are now covered by the Scala CLA (the same as Scala itself).

What does this mean for sbt users? With the Scala Center as stewards of sbt, we acknowledge the importance of sbt for Scala. We will help the community to continue the development and maintenance of sbt as open source software.

The Scala Center is a regular contributor of sbt. However we don’t have the capacity to commit full-time to active development and maintenance of sbt. The Center is looking for funds which would help us dedicate more active support. You can help as a company by joining the advisory board, or as an individual by making a donation.

The Scala Center would like to thank Eugene Yokota, and present and former members of Lightbend for their stewardship and contributions to sbt over the years.