Kelley Robinson receives community award

Friday 13 September 2019


We are pleased to announce that the Phil Bagwell Memorial Scala Community Award for 2019 has been awarded to Kelley Robinson. The award was presented in Lausanne at the outset of Scala Days 2019.

You can watch the ceremony here. (The ceremony also included the 2018 award to Kenji Yoshida.)

And here is a tribute video with remarks from Noel Welsh, Yifan Xing, Eugene Yokota, Holden Karau, Rob Norris, and others.

About the winner

Kelley is known to Scala users as:

  • Founder of ScalaBridge, a series of introductory Scala workshops for underrepresented groups, aimed at making the Scala community more diverse and inclusive. Since its launch in 2016, ScalaBridge has spread around the globe.
  • Co-creator of the Scala Code of Conduct.
  • Conference speaker, known for talks such as “Why the Free Monad Isn’t Free”, “Demystifying Scala”, and “Building a Better Scala Community”.
  • Developer evangelist at Twilio.

About the award

The Bagwell Award is named in honor of Phil Bagwell, who passed away in 2012. In a 2012 blog post, Martin Odersky remembers Phil and his special place in the Scala community.

The Award Committee consists of previous Award winners (see below). They took community nominations into consideration.

Past winners of the award: