2016 Scala Release Schedule update

Wednesday 9 December 2015


With 2016 rapidly approaching, it’s time for an update on our plans for Scala next year!

Scala 2.11: We expect to conclude the 2.11.x series with 2.11.8 in Q1 2016 and 2.11.9 in Q3 2016.

Scala 2.12: Our current focus is to have 2.12.0-RC1 out by the end of Q2. First, we’ll have two more 2.12 milestones: M4 by the end of January (new trait encoding!), and M5 before Scala Days NYC (feature freeze). Our GitHub milestones page has projected dates, and will be updated with milestone details as they develop.

Big compiler changes are underway, between the new encodings for lambdas and traits that take full advantage of Java 8, and the new optimizer. Both milestones will be an excellent opportunity to give 2.12 a spin before we cut RC1 (expected end of May). We’re eager to hear your experience with 2.12, both online and in person at Scala Days NYC and Berlin!


As always, getting new Scala versions out the door is a collective effort between Typesafe, EPFL, and the Scala user community.

Areas where participation is welcome include:

  • Library authors: we encourage you to publish your libraries for 2.12.0-M3 and later milestones. If you do publish, please list your library.
  • Library authors: if (the latest version of) your library isn’t included in the 2.12 community build, we have documented how to add it. We’ll be happy to help, as the community build is helping us catch more regressions than ever. As always, we’re counting on your help with testing before we go into RC mode! (The 2.12 community build config lists which version of each built project, and whether its test suite is being exercised.)
  • Reviewing pull requests in the Scala repository, where 2.12.x is now the default branch. Strong motivation will be needed before we merge anything but important bug fixes to the 2.11.x branch.
  • Documentation updates and reviewing help are much appreciated at the scala-lang  and docs.scala-lang repos.

You can talk to us about 2.12 on the scala-internals mailing list  and the scala/contributors chat room. (An expanded community page on the Scala site lists these and other forums and resources.)

Your feedback will inform any revisions needed to the schedule described here. We’ll keep you informed as we continue to refine our release schedule.


Below is a recap of our timeline, future and past. The 2.12.x milestones follow 2.11.x’s schedule, with about a year for development between M1 and RC1. Because 2.11.x will be the last release that supports Java 6, we’ve worked extra hard to improve 2.11.x before shifting our focus to 2.12.x, with a half dozen releases in one year (the same number of 2.10.x releases took twice as long). For a while now, 2.11.x has had to take a back seat while we make the last push to complete 2.12.0-RC1 according to this schedule.

Future 2.12.x    
2.12.0-M4 Jan 25, 2016 ca. 12 work-weeks after M3
2.12.0-M5 Apr 25, 2016 one year after M1, as in 2.11.x
2.12.0-RC1 May 30, 2016 one month after last milestone
Future 2.11.x    
2.11.8     Feb 8, 2016 between 2.12.0-M4 and M5
2.11.9     Q3, 2016 last planned 2.11.x release, >2 years after 2.11.1
Past 2.12.x    
2.12.0-M1   May 4, 2015  
2.12.0-M2   Jul 15, 2015  
2.12.0-M3   Oct 6, 2015  
Past 2.11.x    
2.11.0-M1   Jan 7, 2013  
2.11.0-M7   Nov 18, 2013  
2.11.0-M8   Jan 21, 2014 one year after M1
2.11.0-RC1   Feb 28, 2014 one month after last milestone
2.11.0       Apr 16, 2014 six weeks after RC1
2.11.1       May 20, 2014  
2.11.7       Jun 23, 2015 just 1 year after 2.11.1! (2.10.1-2.10.5 took two years)
2.10.0 Dec 19, 2012  
2.10.1 Mar 12, 2013  
2.10.2 Jun 6, 2013  
2.10.3 Sep 27, 2013  
2.10.4 Mar 18, 2014  
2.10.5 Mar 4, 2015 EOL two years after 2.10.1
2.10.6 Sep 18, 2015 resolve license incompatibility