The Scala Center Fundraising Campaign

Monday 11 September 2023

Anatolii Kmetiuk (Scala Center)

The Scala Center Fundraising Campaign

TL;DR: The non-profit Scala foundation, Scala Center, is launching a fundraising campaign to support its work in 2024 and beyond. We aim to form new partnerships with companies who are interested in supporting the Scala Center’s activities and the Scala community. Individual donors are also welcome. Inspired to join forces for a sustainable Scala open source ecosystem? Get in touch with us today. If you are attending Scala Days Madrid, visit our booth to speak in person.

About the Scala Center

The Scala Center, founded in 2016, is a not-for-profit foundation that stewards the Scala programming language, ensures its reliability and provides a platform and process for stakeholders to make decisions about its future. The Scala Center works on all levels - technical work as well as community initiatives. On top of that, we publish and maintain free education content and create networking opportunities.

The Scala Center is funded partly by its MOOCs and partly by corporate sponsorships and donations. We aim to bring new corporate partners onboard to ensure sustainable and resilient ecosystem development.

Why support the Scala Center?

By supporting the Scala Center, you’re ensuring the long-term reliability of the Scala programming language. Even though Scala is open-source and free to use, and although the overall Scala efforts benefits from volunteer open-source labor, there are also costs to develop and maintain the technologies, documentation, education, and more.

The Scala Center is actively engaged in developing state-of-the-art tooling, coordinating vital working groups such as the Scala Improvement Process (SIP) and Tooling Summit, which are instrumental in shaping the future of Scala. We also offer free MOOCs, providing accessible education to those interested in learning Scala. Additionally, we play a crucial role in community moderation, ensuring a healthy and respectful environment for Scala users worldwide. Your support will empower us to continue these critical activities and even expand our initiatives.

Inspired to join forces for a sustainable Scala open source ecosystem? Get in touch with us today or if you are joining the Scala Days Madrid, stop by our booth and speak in person.

And if you’re not a company but an individual Scala programmer, you can still contribute to the Scala Center by becoming a supporter!

To learn more about our activities, we invite you to check out our Five Year Report, team behind the the work, and the 2023 Roadmap.