Scala Center Advisory Board and SIP Meeting Results

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Seth Tisue

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Brief summaries of both meetings follow, with links to more details.

Scala Center Advisory Board

On November 30, the Scala Center Advisory Board had their quarterly meeting.

The board has two new members: Morgan Stanley, and an additional community representative, Lars Hupel.

Scala Center activities for the past quarter included progress on the MOOCs, Scalafix, scalajs-bundler, SIPs, the new Scala Platform Process, Spores, Scala Native, Scastie, Scaladex, hackathons, and a new code of conduct.

The following proposals were voted on and adopted:

  • SCP-007: Collaborative redesign and implementation of Scala 2.13’s collections library
  • SCP-008: Maintain scala-lang, docs.scala-lang, websites
  • SCP-009: Improve user experience for builds that use only direct dependencies

For more details, see the minutes.

Scala Improvement Process (SIP) Committee

On October 25, the SIP committee had its monthly meeting.

There were procedural issues with the previous vote on SIP-27 (Trailing commas), proposed by Dale Wijnand. That vote was canceled and the committee agreed on clarified voting rules. A new vote on SIP-27 was held under the new rules, and the proposal was accepted, pending a final round of changes by Dale.

Also discussed was SIP-20 (Improved lazy val initialization), proposed by Dmitry Petrashko and others. The proposal was marked as dormant, since it has only been implemented in Dotty. A volunteer is needed to implement it in the main Scala compiler.

For more details, see the minutes.