47 Degrees Joins the Scala Center Advisory Board!

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Heather Miller


Today, the Scala Center is very proud to welcome 47 Degrees, an independent functional programming consultancy and certified Lightbend Partner, as an advisory board member. You might know 47 Degrees as the folks behind the popular Scala Exercises, an interactive, web-based collection of Scala Koans, which are small bite-size lessons that build up a full understanding of Scala. Scala Exercises will go v2 this year, and with it, it will bring better support for saving progress on exercises across devices, more koans, better evaluation, and the ability to write exercises. We hope to work with 47 Degrees to make efforts like Scala Exercises a first-class, go-to educational offering for new newcomers to Scala.

“Providing valuable open sourced content to the Scala ecosystem has always been a priority for our company,” said 47 Degrees CEO Nick Elsberry. “The opportunity to work alongside the Scala Center gives us the ability to hone our efforts and focus our contributions on projects that will be most beneficial to the evolution of the language and its growing user base.”

Raúl Raja, co-founder and CTO of 47 Degrees, will represent 47 Degrees on the Scala Center advisory board.

As the folks behind important efforts focused on the benefit of the entire Scala community like Scala Exercises, 47 Degrees truly embodies the “for good of all” spirit at the core of the Scala Center’s mission. We’re thrilled to have them on board to share this journey with us.