Announcing Scala.js v0.1

Friday 29 November 2013

Sébastien Doeraene


We’re excited to announce the first release of Scala.js, v0.1! Scala.js was introduced during the 4th Scala Days in June 2013, and has now reached relative stability. While we don’t yet feel that Scala.js is production-ready, we think that it nonetheless deserves its first non-snapshot release.

Scala.js is a compiler from Scala to JavaScript. It allows you to write your entire web application in Scala and simply compile to JavaScript!

Get started!

All information on how to get started with Scala.js is available on the Website. Documentation, a mailing list, third-party libraries and tools, are all available.

Noteworthy features

  • Support all of Scala (including macros!), modulo a few semantic differences
  • Very good interoperability with JavaScript code. For example, use jQuery and HTML5 from your Scala.js code, either in a typed or untyped way. Or create Scala.js objects and call their methods from JavaScript.
  • Integrated with sbt (including support for dependency management and incremental compilation)
  • Can be used with your favorite IDE for Scala
  • Generates Source Maps for a smooth debugging experience (step through your Scala code from within your browser supporting source maps)
  • Integrates Google Closure Compiler for producing minimal code for production.

Known issues

You may consult (and report) issues on GitHub.