Scala 2.11.0-M5 is now available!

Saturday 28 September 2013


The fifth development milestone of Scala 2.11 is now available for download!

It brings the following goodness:

We’re working on an overview of the Scala 2.11 releasePRs welcome!

License clarification

Scala was released with slightly modified variant of 3-clause BSD license. The fact that this is not exactly 3-clause BSD license was causing problems for people adopting Scala because they would have to go through legal process that approves a new license in their organization.

We’ve clarified the situation but switching to standard wording of 3-clause BSD license. The intent and meaning of the license hasn’t change because previous version was just reworded version of 3-clause BSD license.

Known issues

Scala compiler artifact (due to scaladoc) depends on previous version (2.11.0-M4) of scala-xml and scala-parser-combinators modules. If you depend on scala-compiler (e.g. your are a macro writer) then you need to use extra care when upgrading to M5. See scala-partest#3 which discusses the problem in depth and offers a work-around for sbt-based builds.


We’d love to hear about any regressions since 2.10.3 or 2.11.0-M4. Before doing so, please search for existing bugs and/or consult with the scala-user mailing list to be sure it is a genuine problem.

When reporting a bug, please set the ‘Affects Version’ field to 2.11.0-M5 and add the regression label where appropriate.

Scala IDE Lithium (4.0) for Eclipse

Please point your Eclipse 4.2/4.3 at to update to the latest version that includes this milestone! For more info, please see the getting started guide.

Binary compatibility

Note that this release is not binary compatible with the 2.10.x series, so you will need to obtain a fresh build of your dependencies against this version.