Our MOOCs Now Support The EdX Platform

Update: After a couple of years experimenting with Open edX, we decided to shut down these course instances. You can find an up-to-date list of online courses here.

We are thrilled to announce that our 4 main MOOCs are now also available on an Open edX instance managed at EPFL.

The content of the courses remains the same as the ones on Coursera. The differences are that our platform is free to use and doesn’t deliver certificates (official credentials that confirm that you successfully completed a course).

As a reminder, the courses are the following:

  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala: An introduction to functional programming (pure functions, recursion, pattern matching, higher-order functions, immutable data types, type parameters, equational reasoning),
  • Functional Program Design in Scala: A follow-up of the first course, showing how to apply the functional programming style to larger programs. Covers topics such as monads, lazy evaluation, property-based testing, futures and dataflow programming.
  • Parallel Programming: Introduces the fundamentals of parallel programming, from task parallelism to data parallelism,
  • Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark: Extends the data parallel paradigm to the distributed case (as opposed to shared-memory parallel or sequential collections), using Spark.

Open edX is an open source learning management system that was originally developed by the edX nonprofit.

Our goal is to deliver the courses content in the most accessible way. We hope you will enjoy the learning experience provided by the Open edX platform.

Happy learning!