Scala 2.12.5 is now available!

Thursday 15 March 2018


Scala 2.12.5 is now available.

Main highlights:

  • On Java 9 or higher, the new -release N flag changes the compilation classpath to match the JDK version N.
  • With the new -Ybackend-parallelism N compiler flag, the backend can now run in parallel on N threads.
  • String interpolation compiles to better bytecode
  • New flags allow caching classloaders for compiler plugins and macro definitions, speeding up builds.

The full release notes are on GitHub.

Known issues

There is a regression since 2.12.4 when compiling code on Java 9 or 10 that uses macros. Running on Java 9 or 10 isn’t affected, only compiling. Details:

There is no workaround. You must either compile on Java 8 or wait for 2.12.6.