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Dropped: Symbol Literals

Symbol literals are no longer supported.

The scala.Symbol class still exists, so a literal translation of the symbol literal 'xyz is Symbol("xyz"). However, it is recommended to use a plain string literal "xyz" instead. (The Symbol class will be deprecated and removed in the future). Example:

scalac Test.scala
-- Error: Test.scala:1:25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 |@main def test = println('abc)
  |                         ^
  |                         symbol literal 'abc is no longer supported,
  |                         use a string literal "abc" or an application Symbol("abc") instead,
  |                         or enclose in braces '{abc} if you want a quoted expression.
  |                         For now, you can also `import language.deprecated.symbolLiterals` to accept
  |                         the idiom, but this possibility might no longer be available in the future.
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