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Dropped: XML Literals

XML Literals are still supported, but will be dropped in the near future, to be replaced with XML string interpolation:

import dotty.xml.interpolator.*

case class Person(name: String) { override def toString = name }

@main def test: Unit =
  val bill = Person("Bill")
  val john = Person("John")
  val mike = Person("Mike")
  val todoList = List(
    (bill, john, "Meeting", "Room 203, 11:00am"),
    (john, mike, "Holiday", "March 22-24")
  // XML literals (to be dropped)
  val mails1 = for (from, to, heading, body) <- todoList yield
  // XML string interpolation
  val mails2 = for (from, to, heading, body) <- todoList yield xml"""

For more information, see the semester project XML String Interpolator for Dotty by Yassin Kammoun (2019).