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Soft Keywords

A soft modifier is one of the identifiers infix, inline, opaque, open and transparent.

A soft keyword is a soft modifier, or one of as, derives, end, extension, throws, using, |, +, -, *

A soft modifier is treated as potential modifier of a definition if it is followed by a hard modifier or a keyword combination starting a definition (def, val, var, type, given, class, trait, object, enum, case class, case object). Between the two words there may be a sequence of newline tokens and soft modifiers.

Otherwise, soft keywords are treated specially in the following situations:

  • inline, if it is followed by any token that can start an expression.
  • derives, if it appears after an extension clause or after the name and possibly parameters of a class, trait, object, or enum definition.
  • end, if it appears at the start of a line following a statement (i.e. definition or toplevel expression)
  • extension, if it appears at the start of a statement and is followed by ( or [.
  • using, if it appears at the start of a parameter or argument list.
  • as, in a renaming import clause
  • |, if it separates two patterns in an alternative.
  • +, -, if they appear in front of a type parameter.
  • *, in a wildcard import, or it follows the type of a parameter, or if it appears in a vararg splice x*.

Everywhere else a soft keyword is treated as a normal identifier.