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Test Vulpix Framework

If you are modifying the Vulpix framework and need a playground with dummy tests to try out your modifications, do the following.

Create the directory structure for the playground:

mkdir -pv tests/playground/run tests/playground/neg
echo "stuff" > tests/playground/neg/Sample.scala
echo 'object Test { def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {println("Hi")} }' > tests/playground/run/Sample.scala

In CompilationTests.scala:

@Test def exampleNeg: Unit = {
    implicit val testGroup: TestGroup = TestGroup("exampleNeg")
    compileFilesInDir("tests/playground/neg", defaultOptions).checkExpectedErrors()

  @Test def exampleRun: Unit = {
    implicit val testGroup: TestGroup = TestGroup("exampleRun")
    compileFilesInDir("tests/playground/run", defaultOptions).checkRuns()


testOnly dotty.tools.dotc.CompilationTests -- *example*