Scala Tools and Utilities


Standard Scala Tools and Utilities

NOTE - Some tools have separate reference pages for Windows, Linux and Solaris to accommodate minor differences in configuration and usage -- for example, the character used to specify directory separators may be different.

General Information

The following documents contain important information you will need to know to get the most out of the SDK tools.

Setting the Classpath [Solaris and Linux] [Windows]
How Classes are Found [Solaris, Linux and Windows]

Basic Tools

These tools are the foundation of the Scala SDK. They are the tools you use to create and build applications.

Tool Name Brief Description Links to Reference Pages
fsc The fast Scala compiler. [Solaris, Linux and Windows]
sbaz The Scala sharing tool. [Solaris, Linux and Windows]
scala Run Scala code. [Solaris, Linux and Windows]
scalac Compile Scala code ahead of time. [Solaris, Linux and Windows]
scaladoc The API document generator. [Solaris, Linux and Windows]
scalap The Scala class file decoder. [Solaris, Linux and Windows]

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