Mix-in trait to enable DefaultSerializationProxy for the standard collection types. Depending on the type it is mixed into, it will dynamically choose iterableFactory, mapFactory, sortedIterableFactory or sortedMapFactory for deserialization into the respective CC type. Override writeReplace or implement it directly without using this trait if you need a non-standard factory or if you want to use a different serialization scheme.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
class TrieMap[K, V]
class HashMap[K, V]
class HashSet[A]
class List[A]
class ::[A]
object Nil.type
class ListMap[K, V]
class ListSet[A]
class Queue[A]
class TreeMap[K, V]
class TreeSet[A]
class Vector[A]
class ArrayBuffer[A]
class ArrayDeque[A]
class Queue[A]
class Stack[A]
class LinkedHashMap[K, V]
class LinkedHashSet[A]
class ListBuffer[A]
class ListMap[K, V]
class OpenHashMap[Key, Value]
class TreeMap[K, V]
class TreeSet[A]