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    This library provides support for the XML literal syntax in Scala programs.

    This library provides support for the XML literal syntax in Scala programs.

    val planets: scala.xml.Elem = <planets>
      <planet id="earth">
        <mass unit="kg">5.9742e24</mass>
        <radius unit="m">6378.14e3</radius>
      <planet id="mars">
        <mass unit="kg">0.64191e24</mass>
        <radius unit="m">3397.0e3</radius>

    Additionally, you can mix Scala expressions in your XML elements by using the curly brace notation:

    val sunMass = 1.99e30
    val sunRadius = 6.96e8
    val star = <star>
      <mass unit="kg">{ sunMass }</mass>
      <radius unit="m">{ sunRadius }</radius>
      <surface unit="m²">{ 4 * Math.PI * Math.pow(sunRadius, 2) }</surface>
      <volume unit="m³">{ 4/3 * Math.PI * Math.pow(sunRadius, 3) }</volume>

    An XML element, for example <star/> and <planet/>, is represented in this library as a case class, scala.xml.Elem.

    The sub-elements of XML values share a common base class, scala.xml.Node.

    However, the non-element declarations found in XML files share a different common base class, scala.xml.dtd.Decl. Additionally, document type declarations are represented by a different trait, scala.xml.dtd.DTD.

    For reading and writing XML data to and from files, see scala.xml.XML. The default parser of XML data is the Xerces parser and is provided in Java by javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser.

    For more control of the input, use the parser written in Scala that is provided, scala.xml.parsing.ConstructingParser.

    For working with XHTML input, use scala.xml.parsing.XhtmlParser.

    For more control of the output, use the scala.xml.PrettyPrinter.

    Utility methods for working with XML data are provided in scala.xml.Utility.

    XML values in Scala are immutable, but you can traverse and transform XML data with a scala.xml.transform.RuleTransformer.

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package factory

Type Members

  1. trait NodeFactory[A <: Node] extends AnyRef
  2. trait XMLLoader[T <: Node] extends AnyRef

    Presents collection of XML loading methods which use the parser created by "def parser".