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Scala adoption in production projects...

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Marc Edwards
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My second new post here on the scala-debate is a general query into
production projects, preferably with recognizable companies, that have
and are successfully using Scala in profitable concerns.

It seems to be no secret that Twitter seems to have adopted Scala in a
serious manner.

What other notable projects can those on this group cite for my novice
reference? interest lies in using Scala as the language base for
deployment of a new cloud computing portal, that would use the Spring
framework. I'm just now getting a close look at VMware's Cloud
Foundry PaaS framework. Any positive or negative reactions to my
directions here?


Randall R Schulz
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Re: Scala adoption in production projects...
One more and it's a FAQ!

See this very recent (still ongoing) thread: "Help Reqd: Making the Case for Scala in Our Enterprise"

Randall Schulz

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