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Re: Kev's tanties

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Tony Morris 2
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On 14/03/11 09:34, martin odersky wrote:
> I'd say that's enough, Tony.
> You are abusing an eco-system here. It seems you take Scala for granted as a
> sort of poor man's Haskell that happens to have industrial adoption. But
> that's not what it is. Scala is the work of many individuals who strive hard
> to make a platform that's powerful and friendly to everyone. Scala, and it's
> tools, cannot exist in a vacuum where just a dozen illuminati ``get it''.
> You would not have a working compiler, libraries, IDEs, all you would have
> is a paper design.
> To keep this going, it is essential that we maintain the momentum, keep
> getting effects of scale, and for that it is essential that we do not lose
> genuinely interested people with obscure comments that come off as plain
> arrogant.
> I like the work you do with scalaz, and I have defended it in public, even
> to a degree where I got attacked by people who accuse me of catering too
> much to the functional crowd. You would sneer at those attacks, no doubt.
> But I don't, because I have to organize a community that has enough momentum
> to remain viable. And, without Scala there would be no scalaz.
> So, let's keep on working, but cut the comments, please.

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