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Re: Scala's collections not scalable because of... 32 bits sizes ?

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Olivier Chafik
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2011/2/16 Francois Armand <fanf42 [at] gmail [dot] com>
But in the mid-time, you have a bunch of embedded devices which are still 32 Bits and have not so much memory.

Changing indexes and sizes from 32 bits to 64 bits does not necessarily involve a much larger memory occupation in itself... (except in the case of zipWithIndex, of course) Another important matter though is whether these devices are good with long arithmetics. 
I don't have figures, so that may not be significant at all, but perhaps such a move will actually be the fable "shortest suicide note in history", at least for Scala on Android phones.

Indeed, it might...I guess we'd need some prototype library + compiler to see how things behave...

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