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Thoughtworks - Scala Recommendation

Thoughtworks, an industry leading company, has upgraded Scala to "trial" status in their Technology Advisory Boards recent Technology Radar, an advice to clients in which emerging technologies to invest. Their reason for doing so they say is "we have realized that the wider applicability of Scala makes it more approachable for enterprise developers" and "we have witnessed great successes in the adoption of Scala."

ThoughtWorks is a global IT consultancy with over 1,500 professionals providing Agile-based systems development, consulting and technology advice to Global 1000 companies. It is regarded as a pioneer and leader in Agile software development. It is considered to have some of the best practices used in the industry today.

Now they rate Scala as "Worth pursuing. It is important to understand how to build up this capability."

Re: Thoughtworks - Scala Recommendation

You can view the relevant section of ThoughtWorks' latest Technology Radar here.

If you prefer to download the Technology Radar as a PDF, complete with fancy graphics showing Scala's proximity to the "Adopt" bull's-eye, you can find it in a dazzling variety of formats and dialects here.

Re: Thoughtworks - Scala Recommendation

Interesting... Here's what I posted internally in my organization referring to that publication, in the days when Scala was not so much in favour at Thoughtworks:


The tricky thing with these kind of assessments is how you avoid subjectivity.  Ie: one has to do serious due diligence to ensure that these things are as factual as possible for them to be really helpful.


Here’s an example: “we believe F# and Clojure to be better suited to most organisations for assessing than Scala”; this is laid on the table without any further justification.  I, for one, am aware of one world class application (Twitter) that relies on Scala but none springs to mind to similarly back the other two contenders.  Admittedly, there’s a limited amount of space in the newsletter or maybe it’s just down to my own failure/subjectivity to take enough notice…


Re: Thoughtworks - Scala Recommendation

Bing by Microsoft relies on F#, I don't know any case for Clojure.

Although the language doesn't have such a strong lobby as all 3 of those or Groovy, Fantom is another case to watch. Unlike Scala or Clojure, but similar to F# or the CURL language it has built-in support for Units of Measurement applicable to a wide range of business or technical domains. CSS and other Style/Formatting DSLs are just one example. Groovy and Grails have demonstrated, how DSLs ready for Primetime can work using Java libraries like JSR-275. 

Those work to some extent in Scala, but unlike Fantom or F# the language itself doesn't support Measurements.

Re: Thoughtworks - Scala Recommendation

Just as there is a scala-time project wrapping joda-time, I think it would'nt be difficult to do a "scala-measurements" wrapping JScience for that matter.

Re: Thoughtworks - Scala Recommendation

I have many expectations for the JDK 8 and Scala. This will be really great.


Re: Thoughtworks - Scala Recommendation

I think it is wonderful news that an agile-based organization like Thoughtworks has raised the status of Scala and as a practitioner myself, i find it to be a relief that Scala's paradigm of thought it accepted.

Today, implementing Scala takes quite a fair bit of practice and art if you will, and i look forward to seeing a much higher adoption rate through active community fanouts.

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