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Scala Mail lists move to Google Groups

Scala mailing lists are a great place to ask questions and learn about Scala. As was announced previously, we have finally migrated all the Scala mailing lists to Google Groups making them much more accessible to the growing numbers of new users.

Doing this we have strived to make the transition as smooth as possible and apologise for any hassle this may have caused to anyone.

Since the anti-spam mechanisms in Google Groups prevented us from replicating the entire list of subscribers in one step, the migration was made by moving each list in turn, sending new invitations to all the current members in batches

The old list will be turned off once the majority of mail list users have accepted these new invitations. You may have received several invitations, one for each of the old mailing lists to which you subscribed.

We are happy to welcome all the new subscribers.

Re: Scala Mail lists move to Google Groups

I think I'm the only one on Earth who still owns an actual newgroup reader software lol




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