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2nd edition of "Programming In Scala" released

A new edition of Programming in Scala, by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon, and Bill Venners, was published on December 13, 2010 by Artima, Inc. The 2nd edition of the Jolt Productivity Award-winning "staircase book" has been updated for Scala 2.8, with more than 100 pages of new content covering:

  • The re-designed collections library
  • Structural subtyping
  • The new rules for implicits
  • Package objects
  • Chained package clauses
  • Named and default parameters
  • The copy method on case classes

Programming in Scala, 2nd Ed. is available directly from Artima as a PDF eBook for $29.95, in softcover for $54.95, and as a discounted eBook/softcover combo for $69.95. The softcover is also available from

Re: 2nd edition of "Programming In Scala" released

My thanks and congratulations to Martin, Lex, and Bill for an excellent book! My enthusiasm for Scala grows as I learn the breadth and depth of computer science concepts it addresses so elegantly. This book does an great job bringing readers up to speed on the fundamentals, then branches deeper into important areas like collection usage, and is sprinkled with pragmatic application advice like Java integration. I am interested in additional reading: 1) one that focuses on good functional and OOP library and/or application design. Chapter 29, "Modular Programming Using Objects" was a good intro. I'd like to see a tight, 200-300 page book for designers. 2) the next area of interest is one specifically for enterprise application design--for all those developers using Java, Spring, Hibernate, JMS...Thanks again. --Erik

Re: 2nd edition of "Programming In Scala" released

I've been brainwashed into switching to Scala by a colleague who happened to be Martin Odersky's student at the EPFL. I've bought the electronic version of Programming Scala from O'Reilly, but so far it seems that the Internet hasn't been so kind with the book, instead recommending Programming in Scala, by the language's author.

I'm looking forward to getting Programming in Scala in my iRiver ebook reader, but the book seems to be available only in PDF format. Books in this format tend to look horrible in my low-resolution (800x600 pixels) ebook reader display. The fonts tend to be too small, more suitable for paper, or a high-resolution computer display.

I'd like to know if the PDF version is good enough to see in an ebook reader, and if there's an ePub version planned. If I buy the PDF version now, can I get the ePub version for free when it comes out?

Re: 2nd edition of "Programming In Scala" released

If you buy the ebook edition of Programming in Scala you also get the mobi version, which you can convert in other e-reader formats using Calibre: link.

Re: 2nd edition of "Programming In Scala" released

I don't trust those conversions. If something goes wrong, then I will only have a tiny-print PDF file. I'll wait for an ePub version to be officially supported before I buy the book. I want to be sure it will work in my reader.

Thank you for providing ePub

Thanks to the editors for providing an ePub version. I purchansed the book and downloaded the file. No conversion needed.

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