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What's new in Scala 2.8 - The Architecture of Scala Collections

The Scala 2.8 Collections API contains a large number of collection operations, which exist uniformly on many different collection implementations.

These pages describe the architecture of the Scala collections framework in detail. Compared to the the description of the Scala 2.8 Collections API you will find out more about the internal workings of the framework. You will also learn how this architecture helps you define your own collections in a few lines of code, while reusing the overwhelming part of collection functionality from the framework.

Re: What's new in Scala 2.8 - The Architecture of Scala ...

Thanks for the write-up. I wonder if there was a way to get the document as a single PDF file for easier offline reading ;)

Re: What's new in Scala 2.8 - The Architecture of Scala ...

A valuable piece of information indeed! While many programs can show robust use of the collections API without programmer being aware of the most implementation/structural details and concepts, knowing them greatly increases confidence in technology. Instantly gives me a handful of ideas how I could seriously improve performance of my application tight spots without resorting to procedural code style... if only I had that information few months before. Any way, I am now armed much better. :)


And BTW, after so much praises to PrefixMap effectiveness, we will see it in 2.8.2 or 2.9.0, yes? ;) I would especially welcome the immutable version, as small [String,_] maps are so much common...

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