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Scala Days 2011 — Call for Papers

Scala Days 2011 is coming, June 2-3 at Stanford University in California. Now is the time to submit research papers and reserve the date in your calendar.

Scala Days 2010 was a throughly enjoyable and successful event. Over 150 academic researchers and professional developers got together to share advanced research results, new ideas and explore some heavy duty commercial Scala applications. Scala Days provides a unique opportunity for researchers and commercial Scala users to transfer leading edge research into production systems or share practical know-how on how to get things done more effectively. A place to meet the leading experts from both communities.

As before, Scala Days 2011 will combine an academic research workshop with commercial developer talks and will be held, with Martin and the EPFL Scala team, at Stanford University, California, on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June 2011. Check out the Scala Days 2011 site from time to time, more details about the event will steadily become available.

This is a Call for Papers for the workshop. We seek papers on topics related to Scala, including (but not limited to): language design and implementation, library design and implementation patterns, formal techniques for Scala-like programs, concurrent and distributed programming, safety and reliability, tools, and case studies. You can find the submission schedule and formal CFP on this page.

Re: Scala Days 2011 — Call for Papers

Are there plans to have Scala Days 2012 in a country without institutionalized humilitiation and molestation at the border controls? That would be a nice thing, considering I missed SD 2010 and originally planned attaining SD2011...

Re: Scala Days 2011 — Call for Papers

Goodbye ScalaDays 2011 :(((.

I would love to visit EPFL again but I will not go USA!!


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