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On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 3:29 AM, Josh Suereth wrote:
> What I want to challenge the scala eclipse users is to contribute to the
> plugin! Don't understand the compiler? Start trying to write plugins,
> start trying to do things like annotation processing. I think if enough of
> us get 'hip' to the design, we can start cleaning up and maintaining the
> plugin. Almost all IDE-related functions rely on this working
> (syntax-highlighting, code-completion, refactoring), so I think we need to
> throw some development effort. I know Miles is leading this, and he has
> done a lot to improve the plugin. Anyone willing to join me in trying to
> make the eclipse plugin nice to work with again? Perhaps we should start a
> team with a mailing list and promote some activity!

Sorry Josh, I missed this earlier ...

Very much an ack on this: the more contributors the better and the
idea of a team is a good one. I'm not so sure that we need a new
mailing list ... scala-tools@ seems just fine and I'd rather not
fragment discussions all over the place. Not to mention that quite
often there are overlaps or interactions between tools and it's good
that all the interested parties have visibility of them (eg.
Scala+Eclipse+Maven or Scala+AJDT+WTP).

So who's stepping up to the plate?



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