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Scala LiftOff Goes International

Last year over 80 developers had a great time at the Scala LiftOff in San Francisco. Since then there has been a tremendous growth in the world wide Lift/Scala community and lots of excitement with the releases of Lift 2.0 and Scala 2.8.0. Scala LiftOff has gone international to allow more people to catch up with the latest developments and let more developers talk over the latest stuff. This year you can join other enthusiastic members of the Scala and Lift community in London, New York or San Francisco and find out what's going on. David Pollak, the power behind Lift, and many industry experts will be at all three while you will have a chance to meet Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, at the London event. The first one is in September so you will need to register soon.

San Francisco September 24

Following the Java One Conference in San Francisco, the Scala LiftOff will take place at the Comuputer History Museum in Mountain View, CA on Friday. You can join both conferences and to make it easy there will be round-trip bus service for Scala LiftOff available from San Francisco.

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London October 7/8 (2 days)

The London based Scala LiftOff will be hosted by Skills Matter, a company well known for putting on the best in Technology. This 2 day Unconference will enable you to delve deep into Scala and Lift, as well as present projects in Speed Geeking sessions.

Martin Odersky will be joining sessions too, so he will be there to answer your questions, give advice and talk about where Scala is going. He will be keen to hear what you are doing with Scala and what you think needs to be done next.

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NYC October

The week of October 25th. Exact Date and Location TBD

What is Scala LiftOff

It’s a friendly community event for everyone - from those just “checking it out” to recognised experts who have been developing it for years. This diversity means you can learn everything you need to know about any aspect of the Scala language or the Lift Web Framework.

Kaliya Hamilin will be the magic facilitator for the 'unconference'. As last year, she will help you, the participants, design a program that gets the most out of the day for everyone. Again, you can expect a vast collective experience, a diverse set of people, those new to Scala, power programmers and commercial developers, so sessions can range over a broad topic area. You can propose session topics, participate in them or volunteer to lead one. That's what makes an 'unconference' effective and fun. Last year, for example, some of the topics chosen by the participants were:

  • Overcoming Java/Scala integration issues
  • Using the Actors Library
  • "Whittling an API"
  • Using SBT for Scala development
  • Functional Programming in Scala
  • Overcoming Binary-Incompatability
  • Creating a website in Lift

You will have the opportunity to explore the latest Scala and Lift releases – don’t miss this opportunity for Peer-to-Peer learning!

This year it is up to you. Come meet some of the best people in the industry in London, New York or San Francisco.

Re: Scala LiftOff Goes International

 What about a Scala LiftOff in the southern hemisphere? Sydney?

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