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no hard time with scala + netbeans on Linux Ubuntu 10.04

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Michael Gross
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Keko, you have to download the file from, then uncompress it somewhere on your harddisk. (Attention, for securityreasons please change owner and group of the folder you got at unpacking to root / root: "sudo chown -R root:root <folder>/" - root password is required) The path to this folder is $SCALA_HOME!

If you had scala installed from ubuntus repositories via (apt, synaptic, softwarecenter ...) you got version 2.7.7. not 2.8.0 and i miss a lot of files (compared version 2.7.7. to version 2.8.0). This scala is still working;
open a shell and type "scala".

I have "installed"  netbeans 6.9.1 on my Ubuntu 10.04 by downloading + unpacking, and Netbeans and scala was unpacked to /home/<user>/.Software WITH changing owner:group of .Software and all subfolders to root:root!!!)

Don't have a hard time ... by the way, the book "Programming in Scala" is one of the best programming books i ever read ...

(Sorry for repost, but i forget the subject.

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