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JLine, Scala and The Maven Repository

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Currently the meta-data associated with the scala artifacts in the maven distribution associate the scala-compiler artifact with jline version 0.9.91 which has been deployed from someone at sometime and lives in the "ether" or maven repository land (otherwise known as maven central).   This decision was made a long time ago, and various improvements have been made to the jline artifact inside the scala distribution itself.   Therefore I would like to modify this dependency such that scala deploys its own version of jline (located in the group org.scala-lang), and that this tracks with the scala distributions (as seen in the scala zip files).   This should have been done as soon as the version of jline in the scala  distribution started deviated from the stale public version, but I'm a bit slow.   In any case, this change would affect Maven and SBT users, as well as anyone else who resolves artifacts from the public maven repositories.

I'd love to get this change into RC7, as its just metadata, however it might not be included until Scala 2.8.1.   This change will *not* be retroactive, and will only work for new releases.   I'm planning to deploy the Scala-versioned jline to the maven repository in the appropriate group so that users who wish to correct their software dependencies may do so.  Note that the jline dependency is marked optional, as it is only used when running the REPL (AFAICT).

Please let me know if this change will adversely affect anyone.

- Josh Suereth

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