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Re: Are there any Scala friend small embeddable HTTP Severs?

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Ricky Clarkson
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Balls!  "I mean that _Box_[T].."

2009/1/21 Ricky Clarkson <ricky [dot] clarkson [at] gmail [dot] com>
By "Box is a tri-state Option" I mean that Option[T] has three data constructors, one of which takes a T, and two of which don't.

2009/1/21 Ricky Clarkson <ricky [dot] clarkson [at] gmail [dot] com>
I think Tony finds it odd that dpp says things like "Box is Option" which is algebraically false but as an analogy it is reasonable.  Tony tried to discuss this [in his usual exacting style] but found himself banned from the Lift list, and tried talking to dpp about it, only to get personal threats in return.  "I'll tell your employer".

For reference, Box is a tri-state Option, so technically it's like saying the range 0..2 is the same as the range 0..1, but practically 2 of Box's states correspond to None.

What Tony is objecting to is that critical thought appears to be treated with disdain.  He often comes across as aggressive when objecting to that, which is a shame.

2009/1/21 Christos KK Loverdos <loverdos [at] gmail [dot] com>
I agree with you 100%. It is not a matter of me (or anyone else) being for or against Lift, but in this case no-one can blame the work of the Lift people by just making a public statement of this kind. .. .. ...
Tony, please, please, please elaborate. Maybe Lift can become better if you contributed your experience.
On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 12:38 AM, Seth Tisue <seth [at] tisue [dot] net> wrote:
>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Morris <tmorris [at] tmorris [dot] net> writes:

 Tony> For what it might be worth to anyone out there, we made the
 Tony> unfortunate decision of using Lift in a production application
 Tony> against my warnings and we are now paying the price heavily in
 Tony> many ways (too many to enumerate). "I told you so" is a poor
 Tony> consolation prize, but I suppose lessons are there to be learned.

If you're going to publicly be that harsh on Lift, I think you really
ought to explain what you thought the most important problems were.
Otherwise you're just spreading FUD.

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