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Netbeans and ScalaTest (JUnitRunner)

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I have a little project which I develop
in Scala 2.8 , NB 6.8 with ScalaTest
in BDD manner, say: I write Specs as

The best way to get this working in NB
seems to be the @RunWith(classOf[JUnitRunner])
approach, at least for me it works very well
... now!

At first I had some difficulties in getting
the tests recognised and run, until I found
out that the test run assumes all tests classes
to end in *Test.class instead of my *Spec.class :


In my opinion this is an unnecessary and a bit
annoying restriction, which, ok, can be overcome
by rewriting it in build.xml.

BUT: How about making that pattern a Property which
can be set for a project in one of the Scala related
properties dialogs?


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