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"Symbol value X not found" using scala.utils.continuations

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Kai Meder
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I regulary get the following error when compiling code with the CPS-plugin:

symbol value readSync$2 does not exist in

flow {
while (xxx) {
val readSync = new Variable[Boolean]
dispatcher.register(sockCh, Read, onReadable(readSync))
val readDone = readSync() // <-- SYMBOL NOT FOUND ERROR

flow is essentially a reset-wrapper. "onReadable(readSync)" will execute
the continuation, which gets shifted/suspended by readSync()

Any ideas? I get sooo many assertion-failures and "Symbol not Found"
errors while compiling with the CPS-Plugin. There is no hint where to
look at, the source-file causing the errors is not even mentioned :(
The CPS-Plugin is a really *great* extension to the language but during
development it is a big PITA.

Thanks, Kai

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