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OPOWER - Low Risk Scala

OPOWER is an energy efficiency and Smart Grid software company that helps utilities meet their efficiency goals through effective customer engagement. OPOWER uses cutting edge software, combined with behavioral science and patent-pending energy usage algorithms to deliver actionable insights about energy usage to millions of homes across the country.

Dave Copeland, an engineering lead at OPOWER, recognised the efficiency benefits Scala could bring to the company.

However, the OPOWER developers are a very successful JAVA shop and rightfully cautious about adopting a new language. In his presentation at ScalaDays 2010 he explained how he chose to introduced Scala in a controlled low risk way by simplifying the creation of the company's Web site test suite using Scala. Based on their experience he suggests ways in which development groups can reduce their learning curve to more rapidly reap the benefits of bringing Scala into the development culture.

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